• About this item.
  • Our fresh, raw, ready to eat Organic Apricot Kernels are made by nature and they are non-GMO and vegan friendly. Certified Organic Apricot kernels are packed with vitamins which are good for your body.
  • Our apricot kernels are bitter, just as the nature intended them to be. We only sell high-quality kernels to ensure you keep coming back for more healthy goodness!.
  • Comes in re-sealable bag for easy access and storage!.
  • General consumption: 3 to 5 kernels per day, unless stated otherwise by a nutritionist/ health care professional.
  • Approximately 500 Apricot kernels per every half pound – that is a lot of Apricot nutrition for months to come!.
  • Imported from USA.
WE ARE HUNZA GOLD We are truly committed to bringing our loyal customers the best Certified Organic Apricot Kernels (seeds) we can source. We carefully select only the highest quality kernels from reliable sources. We have been in business for almost a decade and our loyal customers keep coming back to us for nutritious apricot kernels that you are sure to love. These Apricot Kernels are grown according to the higheste standards without the use of harsh chemicals, and are considered a "superfood" by many, and one of the top 10 super seeds according to some. What you’re buying here is Certified Organic, Fresh, Vegan, Raw, Vitamin rich Apricot Kernels, containing naturally occurring enzymes. We recommend soaking in water for at least 6 hours. These are perfect to add to your favorite smoothie or just eat them raw! Taste that bitter flavor - that’s the way nature intended them to be. Bitter is Better – at least when it comes to quality Apricot Kernels!

Apricot Kernels (2 Pounds / 908 grams) Hunza Gold Bitter Certified Organic Raw