• Approved for ALL Raspberry Pi Models, including the newly released Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+..
  • Great signal - 2dBi antenna gain. Adapter has female SMA connector / detachable antenna. Uses small amount of power; no powered USB hub required..
  • Play and play! No driver installation is required with Debian Stretch, Raspbian Jessie, Raspbian Wheezy, OSMC, LibreElec, Kali Linux, Ubuntu Mate, Ubuntu Core, Fedora, Windows 10 and most Linux based operating systems..
  • Runs on the popular RT5370 chipset which supports packet injection for ethical hacking projects (Aircrack-ng, Wireshark)..
  • Free live tech support via our website or by phone. One year warranty included..
  • Imported from USA.
Plug and play (no software installation needed) with Wheezy, Raspbmc, OpenElec XBMC/KODI, OSMC, Xbian, Jessie, Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Pidora, Snappy Ubuntu + other distros. Easy to follow getting started instructions included (installing Wifi on Raspberry Pi )- for Wheezy OS, OpenELEC XBMC and Raspbmc XBMC. **The KODI, XBMC, OSMC, Debian, OpenELEC, Rapbmc logos are registered trademarks. Detroit DIY Electronics is in no way affiliated with these organizations; the logos are displayed in our product advertisement image simply show our customers that our product is compatible with the associated software; the display of these logos are not designed to confuse or mislead our customers.

WiFi for Raspberry Pi - Antenna and Instructions Included - Plug and Play by Detroit DIY Electronics w/ 1 Year Warranty