• Replacement Lillian for Tenkara Rods.
  • No Lillian then No Tenkara Fishing.
  • Replace the Lillian and NOT the entire Carbon Tip section.
  • Imported from USA.
NO LILLIAN >>>> NO TENKARA FISHING FTUSA provides 24 inches of Lillian Cordage for a mere $6.95 with free shipping If you own a Tenkara Rod then perhaps you lost the Lillian cordage on the tip section. Over time with exposure to Water and Ultraviolet sunlight, the CRITICAL Lillian Cordage attached to the Tip Section may break or weaken under the STRESS from a Monster Trout. Just like you periodically change nylon fish line, it is important to change out the Lillian cordage. What is the Lillian............. Simply.......... Lillian is a braided hollow core cordage that is braided from high tensile strength fiber. Having a hollow core, the Lillian"slips" onto the extremely small diameter tip section of any Tenkara Carbon Rod. EASY Installation Instructions............. Tubes of Super Glue that is available from Dollar Tree stores for a mere $1.00 Use a seamstress straight pin, insert into the Lillian core, and enlarge the Lillian core diameter. Now collapse the Lillian section to enlarge the core diameter even larger. Add a few drops of Super Glue to Carbon Tip Section then "slide" the Lillian cordage onto Rod Tip. , Finally, "pull" on non glue Lillian end section to "tighten up"the Lillian on the "glued" end. FTUSA is your LEADER in Quality Tenkara Rods and Accessories at Affordable Prices. Visit our website for all your Tenkara Accessories. Accessories ship FREE with Tenkara Rod Purchase (except Net). NEW TENKARA ACCESSORIES Web Link Wood Frame Trout Net $24.95 Rod Carry Case $25.00 Furled Line $9.95 Lillian $4.00 EZ Line Keeper (set of two) $4.95 Tapered Knotless Leader Line $4.00

FTUSA Lillian for Tenkara Rods 24 Inch Length 3.99