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    Review ------ "I HIGHLY recommend it -- especially because this is a VERY underrated group of animals. Cant give enough thumbs up!" -Arachnoboards Read more ( javascript:void(0) ) From the Author --------------- This started out as a way to report multiple generation captive breeding efforts with the greatest (in terms of palpspan but also vying for absolute maximum whipspan and legspan) of the Amblypygi: the South American Heterophrynus batesii. Breeding multiple consecutive generations of the popular East African Damon diadema and husbandry experiences with isolated North American Phrynus and Paraphrynus were expanded from Whipscorpions and Whipspiders Culturing Gentle Monsters. Relating details of species experiences, input from other keepers, and Dr. Rayor's social studies of whipspiders made this exciting to work on. Read more ( javascript:void(0) )

    Breeding the World's Largest Living Arachnid: Amblypygid (Whipspider) Biology, Natural History, and Captive Husbandry