• When building sleds, jigs or fixtures for your woodworking projects that help keep your fixtures from moving or to help your sleds and jigs slide through a track, the Miter T Bar may just be the perfect solution. The Miter T Bar does this bit fitting neatly into most standard miter slots that measure ¾” x 3/8”. The aluminum bar can be used to slide your sleds or it can be used to lock fixtures like featherboards (when cut into smaller length pieces) in place in a miter slot..
  • The T-bar is made in the USA from a solid piece of extruded aluminum and can be cut into sections and drilled as needed. Typical uses for the T-bar are fixtures like featherboards where the featherboard needs to be kept stationary to apply consistent pressure. The T-bar also works great for sleds and other sliding fixtures like cutoff sleds on a table saw or coping sleds on a router table..
  • When mounting the Miter T-Bar it is a good idea to keep in mind that the “T” on the bottom of the track is approx. 1/8” tall, which is just enough to clear the t-slot on most miter slots. If mounted directly to platform for a sled, the tabs may catch and prevent the sled from sliding freely. To remedy this, we recommend using washers between the mounted track and the platform to allow the sled to slide as desired..
  • The Miter T-Bar can also be mounted upside down by cutting a dado slot into your sled platform that is the same depth as the T on the Miter T-Bar. The Miter T-Bar will then act much more like a standard solid miter bar. Using this type of flush mount may work better in certain situations when compared to the traditional method..
  • When we decided to start manufacturing aluminum tracks many years ago (well over 20 years), we thought that it was very important to do our best to keep the manufacturing process here in the United States. We are proud to say that even after 20 years, we manufacture all of our anodized aluminum track (including this Miter T Track) here in the USA. This helps our customers know that not only are they supporting the economy, but also receiving a high quality product..
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  • Imported from USA.
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Miter T-Bar for Jigs Fixtures Sleds Router Tables and General Woodworking 48 inch MADE IN THE USA

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