• Maneki Neko Lucky Cat - pink.
  • Feng Shui for love and happiness.
  • Size: approximately 6cm in height and 7cm in width.
  • The cat comes in a box.
  • with a 12 page gift, history & information booklet produced by GOTO.
  • Imported from UK.
The cat has a mat pink glaze with a sprinkling of gold on its front. The cat has its right paw raised to bring in prosperity in to your home. The colour pink will help to bring love and happiness into your home. In Asia this is a popular traditional symbol of prosperity, good fortune and protection. The cat's raised paw will beckon good fortune into your home. In Japan these lucky cats are called Maneki Neko literally meaning beckoning cats. Position this cat facing an entrance or by a window in your home so the cat can attract good Feng Shui into your house. These Lucky cats are also often displayed on a high lucky shelf facing a window or door in business premises as they are considered to be very auspicious by Oriental business people.

GOTO Maneki Neko Feng Shui Lucky pink cat for love and happiness