• Min DC motor governor, But also applies to LED dimming.
  • Wide voltage DC motor speed controller, PWM duty cycle: 1% -100%.
  • By screwing the potentiometer, you can turn off power supply output.
  • High voltage and high current resettable fuse, overcurrent automatic disconnection, power off for cooling for a few seconds fuses automatic recovery.
  • Default disconnection of short circuit point ,it is Applicable to 5-35V input voltage;If connect short circuit point,it is suitable for low voltage 3-15V input.
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  • Imported from UK.
WINGONEER® trademark Reg.NO:012678447 Specifications: 1.Operating voltage: DC3V-35V 2.Control power: Maximum 90W 3.Quiescent current: 0.01A(Standby) 4.PWM duty cycle: 1%-100% 5.PWM frequency: 10khz 6.Model: ZS-X4 7.Shell size: 30MM*24MM(Without handle) total height is 15MM 8. Net weight: 0.015KG Note: Input voltage selection is divided into two stalls. Intermediate short contact and 3-15V short contact to connect to low voltage 3-15V input, intermediate and short contact 5-35V to connect to high voltage 5-35V. The default send out goods is 5-35V. Packing included: 1 x PWM Speed Controller

WINGONEER DC Motor Speed Control Driver Board 3V-35V 5A PWM Controller Stepless DC 3V 6V 12V 24V 35V Variable Voltage Regulator Dimmer Governor Switching Build with LED Indicator and Switch Function