• (5 Bars) 100%.
  • Imported from UK.
These golden LiveMoor beeswax bars are carefully hand poured using triple filtered beeswax collected from our apiaries. We do not spray or use any type of pesticides anywhere near our bees and these bars match the standards of certified organic quality beeswax. This is some of the highest quality beeswax available anywhere. These bars have a wonderful smell and texture and are perfect for candles, soap making, lip balms, skin care products, body lotions, cosmetics, arts & crafts and hundreds of other uses. We supply our wax to many happy customers. Perfect for smaller jobs where you don't need a huge block of wax.

LiveMoor (5 Bars) 100% Hand Poured Beeswax - 30g each - Premium Quality, Cosmetic Grade, Triple Filtered Bees Wax