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  • Risk Free Compatibility - 100% compatible with Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner R300, R500, R500+(R550), R3500, R3500S, R700(R750), Bagotte BG600, BG700, BG800, Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum(1600PA), D382 Robot Vacuum, Goovi By ONSON F007C (2000PA), F007, J10C, iMartine 1600Pa C800, DeenKee DK600 Robot Vacuum, Amarey robot vacuum cleaner A800, A900, Oregon Scientific D300b..
  • Great Value - Include 8 pcs for heavy-duty side brushes. A free pair of disposable gloves included for clean installation to protect your hands from dust..
  • Outstanding Dust Removal Performance - The high-performance side brushes can reach a wide area and collect dust from every corner of your room thoroughly. The three legs of the brushes are designed in a precise angle to prevent dust raising while sweeping..
  • Durability - JJ Neumann's side brushes are made from quality materials that can make our brushes last long.
  • Protective Package - Our accessories are carefully packed in a protective box with environmental friendly materials to keep brushes in good shape and ready to be used..
  • Imported from USA.
Compatible Model: Goovi 1600PA D380 Robot Vacuum, D382 Robot Vacuum, Goovi By ONSON F007C , F007, Goovi J10C Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner R300, R500 ,R500+(R550) , R3500, R3500S, R650, R700 (R750) iMartine C800 1600PA DeenKee DK600 Robot Vacuum Amarey A800, Amarey A900 Oregon Scientific D300b Bagotte BG600, BG700, BG800 What's in the package: 8 x heavy-duty side brushes, 1 clean brush, 1 pair of disposable gloves Why choose JJ Neumann: Great Value because side brushes are one of the most consumable parts of the vacuum that need to be replaced frequently for health and cleaning concerns. Similar combination of same quality on the market costs much more. High Quality because every side brush are examined and picked. Help environment because we use environment-friendly packing materials Note The bristles of the brush might bend or spread slightly during shipping. That does not affect functionality of the brush. Although we caution against it, if you want to align the bristles, you could soak the filters into hot water (~120 Fahrenheit degree) for 3 to 5 minutes. WARNING, do not burn yourself. The brush bristles bend clockwise after use, especially after cleaning carpet floor. This is inevitable and the bristle length is designed to take this into account.

JJ Neuamnn Replacement Parts Compatible with Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner R300, Coredy R500, R500+, R3500, R650, GOOVI…