• 8oz Coarse Ground. Sun dried 100% authentic Non-GMO (Chungyang) korean red pepper chili flakes.
  • Sent through triple-wash process. Thoroughly inspected before grinding.
  • Coarse Ground: Great for kimchi, soups, pasta / Fine Ground: Great for making gochujang, sauces, soups..
  • All natural. Contains no additives such as salt, sugar or others. Keep stored in dry cool place avoiding direct sunlight. Refrigeration is recommended..
  • Our Non-GMO chili peppers are grown in Mexico and packaged in an HACCP certified facility in the USA..
  • Imported from USA.
Four Seasons Harvest Gochugaru (Korean chili flakes or powder) is made with the highest quality authentic Korean red chili peppers called "Chungyang". They are sun dried at a high altitude, thoroughly cleaned (triple-washed), and ground at it's purest form without any additives. Four Seasons Harvest gochugaru is used by many restaurants and kimchi factories throughout the USA.

Korean Chili Powder Gochugaru - Sun Dried Non-GMO Red Pepper Flakes - Coarse Gound (8oz)