• SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter - Step-Up Ring Set (which consists of a 49 to 62mm & a 52 to 62mm and a 58 to 62mm step-up ring).
  • Mounts to Lenses: Mounts to Lenses with 62mm Front Thread.
  • Mounting: Rear Mounting Threads: 62mm Front Filter Threads: 77mm.
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • Imported from USA.
The SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x 50 is an anamorphic lens adapter designed for cinematography. Increases image resolution and detail by squashing / compressing the image horizontally by a factor of 1.33x to allow maximum utilisation of the cameras' sensor. Anamorphic lenses therefore require subsequent stretching, in post-production or at projection. Intended for use with shooting at 16:9, bringing the intended output to a standard 2.39:1 wide format with a higher resolution than simply letter-boxing the image in camera. The lens features an adjustable dioptre for "sweet spot" adjustment controls on focus. 1.33x Anamorphic Squeeze Creates 2.35:1 Images on 16:9 Sensors Near / Normal Focus Adjusment Mounts to Lenses with 62mm Front Thread Includes Three Step-Up Rings This SLR Magic anamorphic adapter also offers unique effects such as horizontal flare and streaks from light sources and ellipsoidal bokeh, for cinematographerswanting a characteristic filmic look. Depth of field is also affected, as in practice when using an anamorphic lens a longer focal length is required in order to achieve the same angle of view. Therefore anamorphic lenses produce a shallower, more cinematic depth of field than a the same lens without the adapter. The adapter has a 77mm front filter thread and a native 62mm rear thread with a 58mm, 52mm, 49mm adapter rings provided. As such it is only suitable for lenses which have a front element si

SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x 50 Anamorphic Adapter

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